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What are Bot topics?

Bot topics are responses a Bot gives to user questions or actions. For example, a welcome (Concierge Bot) or greeting (Knowledge Bot) are considered topics. Answers to user questions are also considered topics. In the screenshot below, Bot responses 1, 3, and 4 are all considered Bot topics. 2 is a user input.

NOTE: a default set of topics are automatically added for each Bot type. For example, a Concierge Bot comes with a welcome topic, as well as topics that enable a Concierge Bot search (learn more about the Concierge Bot search functionality and related topics here).

Relay Add Bot Topics 3


How do I add or edit a Bot topic?

NOTE: these instructions refer to adding/editing topics in an existing Bot. To learn how to build new Bots, refer here for Concierge, here for Knowledge, and here for Agent Assist Bots.

  1. Go to System → Bots and double click on your Bot or click on pencil icon` (Pencil) to open it. 
  2. On the left navigation bar of the Bots modal, select Bot Topics button (Topics).
  3. To add a new topic, click add button. To edit the topic, double click on it or click pencil icon` (Pencil) to open it.
  4. Fill out the following fields:
    • Status: set as Active.
    • Subject/Title: type the name to show in the Bot’s list of topics. NOTE: this title will not appear in the Bot’s interactions with the user.
    • Text: type the text that will appear to the Bot user when the new topic is invoked.
      • Attach button: (optional) attach a file, such as a PDF, image, or GIF, to the Bot topic. This file will show up beside the text when the topic is invoked. Learn more here.
      • Bot tokens: (optional) format the topic text with tokens listed here. Reference user information with tokens listed here.
    • Away Text: (optional, Concierge Bots only) type the message that will appear to the user outside your Team hours of operation. The away message will replace the topic text. Click here to learn how to set Team hours of operation for Concierge Bots.
    • KB Article: (optional) attach a Relay Knowledge Base article to the Bot topic. A preview of this article will appear below the topic text.
      • Preview Length: specify how many characters will appear in article preview. By default, the preview length is 350 characters. Users can click on the preview to view the whole article in the chat window.
    • Keywords: (optional, searchable topics only) type the keywords for the Bot topic. These will be used to invoke the topic in a Bot search. For example, including “test” as a keyword will bring up the topic when the user types “What is the test topic?”, “test”, “I’d like to see the test topic” etc. NOTE: although the search environments vary by Bot type, the same keywords are applicable in all environments.
    • Typing Timeout: select the number of seconds a Bot will wait after a user stops typing to evaluate the user’s response. If you want the Bot to respond immediately, set this field to 0.

Relay Add Bot Topics 1

  1. (optional) Toggle the following fields:
    • Searchable: toggle on to be able to use keyword search for this topic. A Search Result Label field will appear below.
      • Search Result Label: (optional) when a search is performed by a Concierge or Agent Assist Bot (learn more here), results will be displayed in the form of a topic with clickable search results, and a Search Result Label will be displayed for each clickable topic. If you leave this field blank, the label will be the topic Title. NOTE: The Search Result Label has a 16-character limit. All other characters will be cut off from the label.
    • Rate-able: toggle on if you want thumb-up and thumbs-down buttons to appear at the bottom of the Bot topic. NOTE: you can add a Bot response to each type of feedback in the Thumbs-Up/Thumbs-Down Follow-up Response fields in the Bot Profile (Profile button) Code Configuration section.
    • Time-out: toggle on if you want to override the Bot’s default time-out behavior (as set in the Bot Profile (Profile button)),  for this topic. You will see the Seconds and Text fields appear below.
      • Seconds: select the time after which the Bot will time out after your topic is invoked.
      • Text: (optional) type the text the Bot will display when it times out on this topic. You can also redirect the Bot to a different topic at time-out instead of displaying a text. In order to do so, type topic:[topic key] in the text field. For example, type topic:speak_to_agent to redirect the user to the Speak to Agent topic after the specified number of seconds. NOTE: you can find the topic key at the top of the topic profile. It will appear as soon as you save the topic for the first time.

Relay Add Bot Topics 2

  1. Hit Save & Exit to finish editing the Bot topic. If you are adding a topic, hit Save to be able to add responses and buttons (learn how here), as well as view the topic key at the top of the Add Bot modal.

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